New Godzilla Short Film Announced

Godzilla: Attack on Tokyo will premiere in Japan by the end of April.

Godzilla knows a thing or three about movies. Over the decades, the monster has starred in dozens of features, so his legacy in film cannot be understated. To this day, Godzilla stands as film's most impressive monster, and a new report has confirmed the kaiju is courting a new short film.

The update comes from Toho Company in the wake of several theatrical wins. It turns out the company has made a short film called Godzilla: Attack on Tokyo. The short will be screened in public using a 100-meter tall screen against the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The Godzilla special is meant to show locals what it would look like if Godzilla came knocking, and as you can imagine, that visit would be downright deadly.

The new short is set to debut on April 27th, and the short will be shown in Tokyo regularly. The film will follow Super X2 as they go head to head against Godzilla. After all, the kaiju loves to destroy buildings, and Super X2 will be asked to defend the government building from Godzilla.

This short film is just the latest to join Godzilla as the monster has more than 35 to their name. From Monster Planet of Godzilla to Godzilla vs Garasharp, the franchise has done a number of shorts over the years. Some of them were made for theme parks while others were ordered for special campaigns. This latest release seems to be geared towards tourism as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building will lure in guests with its Godzilla short. So if you want to see this Toho special, you will need to visit in person.

Of course, there are other ways for you to consume all things Godzilla. The monster is in theaters right now courtesy of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire as it has grossed more than $450 million USD globally. Not long ago, the kaiju also drew headlines for Godzilla Minus One and its historic win at the Oscars. So clearly, Toho's trademark kaiju is thriving these days. 

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