Godzilla Celebrates Pride Month with Special Stop-Motion Short

Pride Month is here in full force, letting LGBTQ+ members of the community celebrate in a number [...]

Pride Month is here in full force, letting LGBTQ+ members of the community celebrate in a number of different ways, with the official Twitter Account for Godzilla going a step further to recognize and show support for members of the LGBTQ+ designation with a special fan video that brings the king of the kaiju, and his progeny, front and center. With Godzilla looking to return next year with a crossover fight against the biggest primate in cinema today, King Kong, this is definitely a great time for Toho, the studio behind Japan's Godzilla, to show their support!

In the short film, Godzilla finds himself learning more about his offspring, which is most likely either "Godzooky" or Godzilla Jr, as Jr struggles with whether he sees himself as a boy or as a girl. Godzilla's progeny have appeared in different ways throughout the franchise's history, whether it be in the movies, western remakes, or even in the American cartoon that was produced by Hanna Barbera decades ago. While we aren't sure if we'll see the offspring of Godzilla appear in the next film in the "Kaiju-verse" created by Legendary Pictures, this short fan film definitely is pulling at our heart strings for now.

Toho Studio shared the fan made short film that brilliantly takes Godzilla action figures and tells a stop motion animated story that features Godzilla's offspring attempting to discover who they really are, showing how supportive the company behind the king of the kaiju is when it comes to Pride Month:

Pride Month began at the end of 1969, and have been held for years in June in North America. We'll keep an eye out to see if we witness any other kaiju sized celebrations when it comes to the long running occurrence, or if Toho Studios releases any other fan films that take some of their favorite kaiju and places them into touching scenes.

Godzilla Vs Kong has been delayed numerous times for different reasons, but we're crossing that their arrival next May will be solidified and we can finally see the two monsters clash on the big screen!

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