Godzilla Monopoly Has Been Unleashed


Back in February, USAopoly and Toho International revealed that a Godzilla edition of Monopoly (and Jenga) was in the works that would include tokens of kaiju classics Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Minilla, Mechagodzilla, and Rodan. Now we know that the game night invasion will begin in May, and you can start preparing now.

According to the official description, you can "begin the invasion by buying, selling and trading locations like Monster Island, Goro's Workshop, and Kitakami Lake and take over the board with Facilities and Bases". We also got our first look at the game board:


Pre-orders for Monopoly: Godzilla are live here at Entertainment Earth for the standard $39.99 list price with shipping slated for May. It joins Garbage Pail Kids Monopoly, which also became available for the first time today (pre-orders for that game are also live on EE for $39.99). A full breakdown of the contents of Monopoly: Godzilla can be found below.

  • 6 Collectible Tokens: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Minilla, Mechagodzilla, Rodan
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • 32 Houses renamed FACILITIES
  • 12 Hotels renamed BASES
  • 16 UNGCC Cards
  • 1 Pack of Kaiju Credit Currency
  • 2 Dice

On a related note, Arrow Video recently launched Gamera: The Complete Collection - an eight-disc Blu-ray box set for kaiju superfans that features all 12 of the original Japanese versions of the Gamera films in high definition, 4K restorations of the Heisei trilogy (Gamera the Guardian of the Universe, Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris), hours of new and archive bonus features, a 120-page hardback comic, and an 80-page book.

At the time of writing, the Gamera: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set is available to pre-order here on Amazon for $131.99 (27% off) with shipping slated for July 28th. Note that you won't be charged until the box set ships, and if the price goes any lower during the pre-order period, you'll automatically get the discount.

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