MonsterVerse Novel Reveals Important Detail About Godzilla's Predecessors

Godzilla Vs. Kong was easily one of the biggest blockbusters released this year, arriving in [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong was easily one of the biggest blockbusters released this year, arriving in theaters and streaming on HBO Max for its initial debut, and it seems as if a prequel novel that dives into the history of the kaiju has revealed some big new details about the ancestors of the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island. In the prequel novel dubbed "Godzilla: Dominion", we learn many new things not just about the current king of the monsters, but the long line of giant lizards that once populated the world and had ape focused battles of their own.

In the latest crossover film that has become the most successful in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, it is revealed that there were once countless giant apes roaming the countryside, who originally had a war with the ancestors of Godzilla that resulted in the larger-than-life primates being forced to live within the Hollow Earth. Managing to strike a blow against Godzilla's kin, Kong actually was able to acquire a new weapon that was forged by his predecessors, using the scale of a lizard from the past. In fact, in the prequel novel, it turns out that Godzilla himself might have battled against one of Kong's ancestors, being driven out of the Hollow Earth as a result.

Godzilla Vs Kong
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While there has been no confirmation about the MonsterVerse making a return in the future, rumors have begun swirling that the director of Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to return and helm a movie that might be titled "Son of Kong". Obviously, many fans would love to see Godzilla and Kong tangle once again, especially considering the fact that Kong ultimately lost his one on one battle against the lizard king, meaning that the giant primate definitely has an ax to grind.

While Godzilla was the clear winner of their battle, the two most popular giant monsters were able to make quite the team when it came to battling against the mechanical monstrosity, Mechagodzilla, who made his MonsterVerse debut in the latest crossover. Legendary Pictures has translated a good deal of beasts from the universe originally spawned by Toho, but there are still countless kaiju that have yet to make their way to the popular franchise.

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