Godzilla vs. Kong Concept Art Features Friendly Neighborhood Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong easily became the biggest entry in the franchise of Legendary Pictures' [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong easily became the biggest entry in the franchise of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, giving fans of the giant monsters a battle that shook the earth beneath their feet, and a recently released piece of concept art sees the king of Skull Island swinging high above the ground in his battle against the king of the monsters. With the next film in the franchise reportedly being dubbed "Son of Kong", it's clear that the most famous giant ape in the world has left an impression with this new take on the primate that first appeared in 2017's Kong: Skull Island.

As fans of the MonsterVerse know, Godzilla vs. Kong gives us a definitive victor when it comes to the battle between the kaiju. Following the fight's end, both Kong and Godzilla have a whole new problem on their hands with the company known as Apex using the corpse of King Ghidorah to create a brand new mechanical threat in Mechagodzilla. Long being a part of Godzilla's history, the metal doppelganger is given a brand new look and some insane power boosts to make it more than a match for any individual kaiju that is hoping to throw it in the scrap heap.

Kaiju News Outlet shared this new look at Kong swinging above the ground, much like a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, ready to deliver another devastating blow to the king of the monsters by artist Matt Allsopp:

King Kong first appeared on the silver screen in 1933, hitting the big screen in a black and white film that is still considered one of the greatest of all time. While Kong was brought to life in this new iteration of the character via Skull Island, the latest crossover film saw a number of references to the past of the giant ape. While Kong didn't have atomic breath to back him up in the battle against the king of the monsters, the Legendary Pictures film saw him discovering an ancient ax that connected the primate to his ancestors that lived within the Hollow Earth.

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