Godzilla vs. Kong Unveils Stunning "Final Battle" Diorama

Godzilla Vs. Kong has been a success in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and with that success [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong has been a success in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and with that success comes swaths of merchandise, with one of the most impressive being revealed by Prime 1 Studio, which features the battle between the ruler of Skull Island and the lizard king as they struggled during their final battle. While the future of the MonsterVerse is still uncertain, rumors have begun to swirl that not only will the universe continue with the crossover movie director, Adam Wingard, but is also being created under the working title of "Son of Kong".

Godzilla and Kong met several times throughout the popular kaiju crossover, with the two giant monsters attempting to assert their dominance over one another, and while there eventually was a definitive winner in their struggle, they had to find themselves fighting side by side to take down the mechanical threat known as Mechagodzilla. While one of the fights saw Godzilla and Kong fighting aboard a battleship in the middle of the ocean, the final battle took place in the city, with the neon skyline amplifying the heavy blows that rung out between the two most popular giant monsters in the world.

Kaiju News Outlet shared this upcoming insane diorama that dives into the final battle between Godzilla and Kong in their latest crossover movie, and while there has been no price revealed for this titanic statue set, we expect that kaiju fans will have to pay a pretty penny:

With the next film reportedly running under the title of "Son of Kong", speculation has run rampant regarding the future of the MonsterVerse and whether Godzilla and Kong will step aside to let a new generation of giant monsters take the reins of Legendary Pictures' monstrous franchise.

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