Gundam Build Drivers Re:Rise Confirms Return Date

Many anime series have been delayed thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic as studios have [...]

Many anime series have been delayed thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic as studios have attempted to practice "social distancing" to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, but a number of series are about to return, with the biggest Gundam series running today, Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise, announcing its release date. The series, which takes a decidedly different approach on the long running franchise for Mobile Suit Gundam, had to take a number of weeks off, acting as a sequel to the original Gundam Build Divers series that looks at mechs as if they were Pokemon!

Gundam Build Divers focuses on a group of pilots that enter into a virtual landscape, taking a page from the likes of Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Overlord, to create a new anime series that unites these kinds of stories with the mech suits that were made popular by the long running anime. Though Divers hasn't hit the same levels of popularity as Gundam Wing and the first anime series, it definitely has its fan base that are eagerly waiting to see where the anime series goes following its return!

Twitter User AnimeCorner_AC shared the announcement that Gundam Build Diver Re:RISE would be returning to the airwaves on July 9th, later this summer:

The official description for Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise reads as such:

"Two years have passed since the legendary force Build Divers battled the second Coalition of Volunteers to save the EL-Diver. Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN), where these events took place, has been upgraded to provide sensory feedback for more realistic play. But as GBN becomes even more exciting, there are Divers who play with their own motivations in mind. Hiroto is a Diver who wanders alone through the Dimension, playing as a mercenary.

Kazami is a frivolous, independent Diver who joins one party after another, pursuing the one he admires. May is a solo Diver surrounded by an aura of mystery, who plays Gunpla Battle night and day. And Parviz is a lonely novice Diver who is interested in team play, but out of shyness, he has never managed to seize the opportunity. Each of them is alone, but the course of events will end up uniting them into a new team of Build Divers. What awaits Hiroto and the others is a boundless super-experience that far transcends GBN."

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