Hajime No Ippo Creator Reveals Their Emotional Take on Berserk's Finale

The passing of mangaka Kentaro Miura sent shockwaves through the anime community, with fans saddened by the loss of the creator of Berserk, and one of Miura's closest friends in the manga world, Jyoji Morikawa, has shared his thoughts on what might be the final chapter featuring Guts, Griffith, and Casca. Morikawa is perhaps best known for his work on Hajime No Ippo, the boxing anime that is often considered to be one of the best examples of a sports anime within the genre. 

Morikawa and Miura's franchises could not be more different with Hajime No Ippo following the story of a young boxer attempting to climb his way to the top of the boxing world. While Guts of Berserk fame certainly had trials and tribulations in front of him, they were far more brutal and dark than those that would face Ippo on a daily basis. Both Kentaro and Morikawa shared a friendship with one another, and following the news of Miura's passing, Morikawa hasn't been shy about paying tribute to his departed friend and touting his work as some of the best ever seen in the medium of manga. 

Jyoji Morikawa took to his official Twitter account, sharing his love for his deceased friend while stating how amazing the artist was following reading what might very well be the last chapter of Berserk's manga, that saw Guts and Casca somewhat confronting Griffith in a way that many didn't see coming:

Much like Berserk, Hajime No Ippo first began in the 1980s and is continuing to tell the story of Ippo throughout the decades. Receiving a number of anime adaptations similar to Berserk, Hajime No Ippo has yet to say if it will be returning to the small screen, though there is plenty of material that has yet to be translated to a potential anime. The world lost a true talent in Kentaro Miura and it's clear that the mangaka not only had an impact on anime fans, but fellow anime creators throughout the years.

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