Hello Kitty Suits Up In New Superhero Manga

Avengers who? When it comes to superheroes, everyone wants to call up the stars of the Marvel Universe, but it seems Japan is sending out its big super star. After all, Hello Kitty has joined the Pro Hero ranks, and she is stepping out in her own manga to prove it.

Recently, the publisher Ichigoman confirmed its big plans for Hello Kitty. The iconic mascot has been turned into a superhero for a new manga, and Hello Kitty is loving it.

Plus, she's got her own hero costume. If that strawberry-patterned piece does not make fans happy, then few things will.

As you can see above, Hello Kitty means business in her manga. Dressed in some fruity headgear, the mascot is ready to lay out some bad guys with her red boots and and gloves. Nothing is more intimidating than a feisty feline, and it seems Hello Kitty will the criteria in this manga (via Crunchyroll).

The comic is being penned by Toshiki Inoue while Shakua Shinkai does illustrations. Hello Kitty is given the name Ichigoman in the manga given her love of strawberries, and she works to save Earth from aliens looking to invade the planet. Up until recently, the manga has been released only through the website Ichigomin. Now, the first two volumes are up for print while the remaining two can be read on Ichigomin.

This cutesy superhero venture may seem odd to some, but this is not Hello Kitty's first mash up bonanza. Not long ago, it was announced Gundam has plans to team up with Hello Kitty for a mecha series, and that doesn't even count the live-action film being developed within Hollywood thanks to Sanrio. Hello Kitty will also get her own anime series in 2021. Titled The World of Hello Kitty, the show has ordered 52 episodes, and its synopsis can be read below:

"The World of Hello Kitty will feature the famous titular character along with her friends from the Sanrio universe as they try to live in harmony in their not-so-quiet neighbourhood. Kitty's friends are all very different and they each have their little quirks, so their tight-knit community is often put to the test. But at the end of the day, Kitty always brings them back together, because she accepts her friends for who they are."



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