Here's How Pokemon Just Set Up its New Anime Series

Pokemon's Sun and Moon anime will soon be reaching its end, and Ash is at a different point in his life than he has ever been with one of these finales. Unlike previous iterations of the anime, Ash has been far more successful in the Alola region with not only completing the Island Pilgrimage but managing to win his very first Pokemon League. Now that he's become a League Champion and his friends already have plans as to what to look forward to next, Ash has been confused as to what to do next.

But Episode 145 of the series sets up the next phase of Ash's journey as he now sets his sights on the rest of the world. Once Olivia spoke with him about exploring the outside world, Ash decided to see more of the Pokemon out there and will even be returning to Pallet Town.

Although Ash has traveled through various regions of the Pokemon world before, he's become attached to the Alola region during his time there. Fighting Ultra Beasts and having a fun daily life with a core group of new friends, Ash has never been closer to completing his journey. It stands to reason that he would hit his wall as a Pokemon Trainer, and left essentially directionless. But maybe a new beginning is the route to take?

In Episode 145 of the series, Olivia asks Ash what he plans to do. He doesn't really have an idea, but Olivia suggests that it's important that he know more about the world outside of Alola. Changing one's surroundings would also change a person's perspective on themselves, and they can truly reflect on how far they've come. She knows Ash understands this because of his travels, and so he decides on his next path.

At the end of the episode, Ash declares that he wants to see the rest of the world. Sure that there's much more to see out there, he and Pikachu will be heading back home and starting his journey from scratch. This falls in line with the setting for the new Pokemon: The Series, which will be a reboot following Ash through every region in the franchise thus far. Alongside the second protagonist, Gou, this new series is currently slated to premiere November 17th in Japan.


Designed by Ken Sugimori and voiced by Daiki Yamashita, Gou has a Scorbunny as his trusted partner Pokemon and will be featured as a protagonist alongside Ash. His goal is to catch all the Pokemon, and that's sure to be a great reason for he an Ash to journey together in the next anime.