Hunter x Hunter Drops Special Killua Promo: Watch

Hunter x Hunter shares new Killua MV in special collaboration with Sakurazaka46.

Hunter x Hunter has taken fans down memory lane with a cool new promo celebrating Killua Zoldyck's story in the manga! Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter manga recently celebrated a massive anniversary across Japan last year as not only did the manga briefly return from one of its longest hiatuses yet, but fans around the world took the time to highlight just how big of an impact the series has had since it started its run with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine all those years ago. It's hard to forget how far each of the series' characters have come. 

This shows especially with the young assassin Killua. While first introduced as a ruthless killer from a famous assassin family, Killua steadily because the central deuteragonist of Hunter x Hunter overall the more he started to travel and connect with Gon. Killua's gone through a lot since the series first began with a number of tough missions changing his perspective on things, and now the perfect way to look back on it all is a new promo released by Shueisha in collaboration with the Sakurazaka46 (which Togashi is reportedly a fan of) song "Start over!" Check it out below: 

How to Read Hunter x Hunter

Unfortunately for fans of the Hunter x Hunter manga, the series is in yet another hiatus due to series creator Yoshihiro Togashi's poor health. Shueisha's official statement on Hunter x Hunter's hiatus was as such, "Thank you for reading Hunter x Hunter. As for the publication of the manga, Chapter 401, and after, we have discussed with Togashi about his health condition, and as a result, we have decided to publish Hunter x Hunter in a format other than weekly serialization. Togashi-Sensei will continue to write the following chapters, and the editorial department will continue to support him until the completion of the manga."

A return date for the next batch of Hunter x Hunter chapters have yet to be announced, but it also means that now is the perfect time to catch up with it all. You can currently find the entire Hunter x Hunter manga backlog with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library (with the three most recent chapters being available for free). If you'd rather catch up with the Hunter x Hunter anime instead, it's currently streaming with Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. 

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