This 'Hunter x Hunter' Cosplay Proves A Live-Action Film Could Be Done

Over the years, live-action anime has gotten a bad reputation. Films like Dragonball Evolution have made it hard for audiences to think about such adaptations, but one cosplay has Hunter x Hunter fans willing to give it a shot.

Over on Twitter, a cosplay based on the popular shonen series has started to re-circulate, and fans are buzzing over the look. The picture, which can be seen below, features two of Hunter x Hunter’s most famous characters. Hisoka Morow is shown walking towards Chrollo Lucilfer in an abandoned alley. The latter is shown with a bored expression while Hisoka is surrounded by a maelstrom of playing cards.

Honestly, if you look at them, the photos seem like they were plucked straight from a live-action film.

Of course, there are no plans to adapt Hunter x Hunter as of yet, but that could change in an instant. In the last year, some major manga series have been brought to life in their own live-action romps. Gintama, Tokyo Ghoul, and even Fullmetal Alchemist got Japanese adaptations this year. Death Note got its own film here in the U.S. from Netflix, and Warner Bros. Japan will release its take on Bleach next year. If Yoshihori Togashi wanted, the creator could easily find a studio eager to adapt Hunter x Hunter. So, if the artist goes that route, he should call up these cosplayers and get their costume advice.


If you are not familiar with Hunter x Hunter, then you can definitely get acquainted. The shonen series is one filled with hijinks and thrilling action since it follows a young boy named Gon Freecs who dreams of becoming a Hunter. Determined to pass the challenging Hunter Examination, Gon and his comrades begin their journey to become revered Hunters and cause a ruckus along the way.

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