JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fans Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Lost JoJo Movie

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure first began its story by telling the story of Jonathan Joestar, a young man that was dragged into a world of vampires and terrifying battles thanks to the nefarious Dio Brando. What makes Phantom Blood unique is that the first entry has received the most anime adaptations, not just with the OVA series arriving in the 1990s, but with a long-lost movie that hit in 2007 and only had a short theatrical run before seemingly being lost to time.    

Phantom Blood was the first story in the history of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, focusing on Jonathan Joestar relying on the power of the Ripple rather than having a Stand of his own to rely on. Though David Production began the latest anime adaptation with this story, Phantom Blood actually was animated twice before with a 1993 mini-series being the first time that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was ever given an anime series and a subsequent movie being released in 2007. With this year marking the fifteenth anniversary of the lost movie, which was only given a limited theatrical release and never hit home video, fans are left wondering if this early Joestar story will ever hit the light of day.

Twitter User The Johnler shared a desire to see this lost movie in the universe of the Joestars, sharing original promotional material for the Phantom Blood film that only had a brief release in theaters before being seemingly lost forever and taking place years before David Productions adapted the story created by Hirohiko Araki:

The lost movie in question, which was created to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hirohiko Araki's career, was created by the same animation studio responsible for the 1993 OVA series, with Studio APPP once again returning to tell the tale of Jonathan Joestar. With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure continuing to be one of the biggest anime franchises around, perhaps one day we'll see this lost movie released to fans of the Joestars around the world.

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