JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Announces New Stone Ocean Event

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has told the story of the Joestars for decades, and the creator of the series, Hirohiko Araki, confirmed last year that he'll be returning for a ninth part of the series in the upcoming JoJo Lands. With the anime recently bringing Jolyne Cujoh to life in the story of the Stone Ocean, a new event focused on the sixth part of JoJo is set to arrive this spring at Anime Japan, which might give fans an idea as to when the series will return.   

The latest anime season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was once again created by David Production, the animation studio responsible for the previous seasons of the series that introduced viewers to both the Joestar family and the concept of Stands. Stone Ocean differs from the generations of Joestar that came before it by introducing fans to the first female protagonist of the series who finds herself locked inside a maximum-security prison for a crime that she didn't commit. Now having to risk her life to save the life of her father Jotaro, the sixth chapter of the franchise is sure to ratchet things up whenever new episodes make landfall. 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Official Twitter Account announced that it will be holding a special event at this year's Anime Japan convention on March 26th, with the voice of Jolyne, Ai Fairouz, set to appear along with a number of other cast members that make up the colorful characters of the Stone Ocean:

When the latest batch of episodes of Stone Ocean came to a close, Jolyne found herself nearly being killed by the power of Whitesnake, the nefarious Stand of the prison's priest, Pucci. The antagonist of this story has been weaving a deadly web, with the anime showing viewers a flashback wherein Pucci was having a conversation with none other than one of the biggest villains of the franchise, Dio Brando. With Pucci assisting in putting a plan formed by Dio into action, Jolyne and company are going to have quite a few more Stand battles in their future when the series returns to Netflix.

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