JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Meets Adventure Time in This Colorful Crossover

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure prides itself on diving into strange territory, with the story of the Joestars introducing Stands whose powers and appearances are sometimes extremely difficult to comprehend. With the latest season of the anime, Stone Ocean, recently releasing on Netflix, fans are waiting for news as to when Jolyne will return, with one fan artist taking the opportunity to take two unlikely heroes and dunk them into the world created by Hirohiko Araki. Needless to say, the fusion is unlike anything seen before.  

For anime fans who might not be familiar with the surreal adventures of Finn and Jake in Adventure Time, the series was one of the biggest originals created by Cartoon Network, introducing viewers to a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been replaced by living candies and magical beasts. Though the original series has already come to an end after ten successful seasons, HBO Max has released a number of spin-offs that tell new stories within the world of Finn and Jake, which explore some of the supporting characters while also giving fans one last journey with the dynamic duo to boot.

Reddit User Bamboo Power 905 shared this impressive fusion artwork that sees Finn and Jake slapped into the world of the Joestars, imaging the human Finn as a Stand User with his best friend Jake, in the style of Hirohiko Araki, who has been drawing the journey of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since the 1980s:

Adventure Time in the style of JoJo [OC: SAILOR BRUSH] from StardustCrusaders

The Stone Ocean has yet to announce when it will be releasing new episodes for the sixth part of the series, though many fans are theorizing that it could be as early as this spring. On the flip side, the manga is continuing the journey of the Joestars not just with new spin-offs, but also with Araki himself working on the ninth part of the franchise, JoJo Lands. With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure showing no signs of stopping any time soon, it will be interesting to see when stories such as JoJolion and Steelball Run hit the world of anime.

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