Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Meets Prince in This Gorgeous Cosplay

There are few anime series as fashionable as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and we all know it. The title is know for its avant-garde taste in every sense. From fashion to dialogue and each pocket in-between, there are few series like Jojo, and one fan has taken the bold step to bring Prince into its world.

The piece comes from Reddit thanks to the user jar_of_salt. It was there the netizen told fans they were able to debut their Josuke x Prince look at MetroCon, and the crossover cosplay was well worth the wait.

As you can see above, the cosplay blends the general pieces of Josuke's outfit with all of Prince's style. The glittery outfit features a purple waistcoat and vest that would make doves cry. A puffy white button-up is shown peeking under the vest, and Prince's jacket is adorned with a peace symbol and several gold accents.

As for the pants, the trousers are littered with gold patterns, and they stick out from their burgundy fabric. The Jojo look is competed with a pair of purple suede boots and a black face mask that keeps everything in line.

Clearly, jar_of_salt put a lot of work into this piece, and we are loving every bit of it. The only thing that would make this cosplay better is an actual Stand, so we hope that comes next for this Jojo fan. We have to say that Prince's Stand would involve some sort of guitar, so that is definitely our pitch for this cosplay's companion!

What do you think of this Jojo cosplay...? Which other anime series would suit Prince well? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.