JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Just Lost One of Its Best Animators

Shunichi Ishimoto has left David Production to start freelance work.

Today is a bleak day for the JoJo family. It has been a hot minute since JoJo's Bizarre Adventure went live with an anime update, but fans haven't left the series behind. From Phantom Blood to Stone Ocean, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is as popular today as ever. But sadly, one of the anime's fan-fave animators is parting from its narrative.

The confession went live on social media as Shunichi Ishimoto posted a note for followers. It was there the talented animator shared they had left their job at David Production, the studio behind the JoJo anime. Now, the artist is a freelancer, and they are staying quite busy.

"On a personal note, I recently quit my job and become a freelancer. My schedule is full right now, but my work-related contact info can be found [online]. Thanks for understanding," Ishimoto shared.

Of course, fans of JoJo were taken by surprise at this announcement. Ishimoto has been with the anime since it began under David Production. From season one key animation, Ishimoto worked his way up the ladder on JoJo until he became a regular animation director. Ishimoto has been a constant presence on the JoJo anime since part one got underway, and now, it seems the artist has moved to a new pasture.

There is no telling what this move means for Ishimoto's future with JoJo. David Production does much of its work in house, but it does recruit freelance artists. Ishimoto could return for future anime projects, but at this point, David Production has kept mum on JoJo. Following the series finale of Stone Ocean, no word has been given on whether the JoJo anime is courting a Steel Ball Run adaptation. But it is has plans in mind, we can only hope Ishimoto takes part in the anime launch somehow.

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