JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Unleashes First English Stone Ocean Trailer

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is set to arrive exclusively on Netflix this December, with a recent event not only revealing the exact date fans can dive into the adventures of Jolyne Cujoh, but also sharing a new trailer for the English Dub which will air simultaneously with the Japanese version. With Part Six of the series following its first female protagonist, the daughter of Stardust Crusader Jotaro Kujo, expect some of the wildest Stand battles to date as Jolyne attempts to survive the maximum-security prison that she finds herself in as she also tries to clear her name.

If you're curious as to which English voice actors will be portraying the idiosyncratic gang that finds themselves in Green Dolphin Street Prison, the cast is made up of Kira Buckland as Jolyne Cujoh, Jessica DiCissco as Hermes Costello, Abby Trott as Foo Fighters, Cindy Robinson, as Emporio Alnino, Sam Riegal as Weather Report, and Aleks Le as Narsico Anasui. While not yet confirmed, Matthew Mercer has played Jotaro Kujo since his first appearance in the English Dub, so it's a surefire bet that he will be returning (especially with the Jotaro in the trailer sounding like him), though it will be interesting to see what other English voice actors return to their roles considering Stone Ocean has a few surprising returns. 

Youtube Account Ice Sabed shared the new English Dub trailer for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean from Netflix's Official Account, giving us our first look into the English voice actors for one of the wildest entries in the bizarre story of the Joestars and the latest protagonist in Jolyne Cujoh:

If this will be your first time diving into the Stone Ocean, Netflix offered an official description for the upcoming season which is set to arrive worldwide on its platform on December 1st, with twelve episodes being released simultaneously via the English Dub and original Japanese audio:

"Florida, USA, 2011. Jolyne Cujoh is framed and sentenced to 15 years in jail after getting in a car accident with her boyfriend. She ends up in Green Dolphin Street Prison, also known as 'The Aquarium.' Devastated, Jolyne takes her father's pendant into her hand when a strange power awakens within her. 'There are worse fates than death, and people in this prison are facing such fates.' She is relayed this message from a mysterious boy. Inexplicable events happen one after another. While visiting, her father Jotaro Kujo reveals a terrifying truth and mentions a man named Dio. Will Jolyne Cujoh ever free herself from this 'stone ocean' that is a prison? Amid this, a century-old feud between Dio and the Joestars enters its climax."