Joker's Hit Manga Finally Releases Volume 1

The Clown Prince of Crime has conquered numerous mediums in the world of fiction, first introduced [...]

The Clown Prince of Crime has conquered numerous mediums in the world of fiction, first introduced in the pages of DC Comics, the Joker has been granted a number of incarnations across countless movies and television shows, and now, the Harlequin of Hate is taking over the pages of manga. The manga story, titled One Operation Joker, has recently released its first trade paperback in Japan, compiling the first Joker story in the East which definitely has one of the most insane storylines that we've seen involving Batman's greatest villain to date.

In this new manga series, Joker finds himself in the most unexpected role in his life, as he encounters a baby-sized version of Bruce Wayne and is now playing the role of father to his greatest foe. The manga story, which arrived earlier this year, was created by manga artist Keisuke Gotoh and was published by the company Kodansha, which was responsible for the publishing of giant stories including Attack On Titan. Gotoh is clearly a giant fan of Gotham City's most notorious supervillain, expressing their desire that all Joker fans around the world read this bizarre new story that gives the Clown Prince of Crime a slight makeover to ring in this new crazy chronicle.

The Official Twitter Account for the Dark Knight shared the big news that the first collection of the strange manga series has already arrived in Japan, and we're crossing our fingers that it will also be brought to North America so DC Fans can take in one of the strangest Joker stories to date:

You might be wondering how on Earth the Batman was transformed into a baby for the Joker to raise, and the answer is as weird as the series itself. With the Dark Knight falling into a vat of chemicals similar to how the Joker once had, his skin wasn't made albino but rather, he was taken back to his younger years and is now being raised by his greatest enemy.

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