Ghost in the Shell's Creator Is Not a Fan of Joker

Last year, the world was introduced to a new version of Joker, but the DC character did not sit well with everyone. The villain's self-titled film Joker swept critical praise upon its release, but tough questions poked holes at the film in the following months. Now, it seems another creator is speaking out about Joker, and the maker of Ghost in the Shell was none too pleased with the film's offerings.

Recently, otakujp shared a translated portion of an interview done with Mamoru Oshii. The creator gave his candid thoughts on Joker, and Oshii admitted he wasn't impressed by the movie at all.

"I prefer Joker in Dark Knight. This Joker is just unlucky and not intelligent. My standard for evaluating evil is intelligent or not," the creator shared. "Out of intelligence comes evil. Despair to humanity is a precondition. Fundamentally, this film is not beautiful."

In the end, Oshii gave a final comment on Joker which relied on his love of Hayao Miyazaki. He said even the darkest films need to have a moment of beauty which Joker never uncovered.

"Hayao Miyazaki says he wants to show a dream even in the film. I don't think so, but I don't want to describe dirty things as they are. I dare to say, no matter how cruel it is, they should show us a breathtaking beautiful world even for a moment," Oshii said.


Of course, the filmmaker can have his own opinions on Joker just as each of us. The DC film didn't do it for Oshii but there are others out there with the Joker which do. So if the artist were to ever tackle the character for himself, you can expect Oshii to come up with a very different version of the Joker than director Todd Phillips did.

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