Jujutsu Kaisen Explains the Secret to Unleashing Black Flash

Jujutsu Kaisen explained the secret to using the ultimate Black Flash technique with the newest [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen explained the secret to using the ultimate Black Flash technique with the newest episode of the series! The Kyoto Goodwill Event arc has reached the climax of its final fight between the brotherly tag team of Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo against the monstrous cursed spirit Hanami. Todo might have been quick to label Yuji as his new best friend, but at the same time, he was a crucial element in helping Yuji reach a new level of power with his cursed energy. This came through in full with the use of the ultimate technique, Black Flash.

This technique was explained to be one of the strongest techniques a Jujutsu Sorcerer can use, but it's also apparently a technique that comes by chance. As Yuji continues to tap into this powerful move in quick succession with the newest episode, the series found a hilarious way to explain the secret behind unleashing this move with a quick cut to Nanami Kento, the apparent record holder for consecutive uses.

Episode 20 reveals that the Black Flash is indeed a hard technique to use willingly, and it's apparently an even harder technique to use more than once in a row. But it's not impossible as Nanami explains that while it's tough to use more than once in a day or on a different day, as long as you use it once it's possible. He explains that even if it's a fluke, the use of Black Flash puts the sorcerer in a "zone" much like an athlete. Using cursed energy then becomes natural.

With this state of mind, it gives the fighter an almost omnipotent state that makes these consecutive uses either. He reveals that his record is four, but it was by chance. Yuji breaks this record, however, as he uses four in quick succession. Coupled this to his first one, now he's got five uses all of his own!

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