Jujutsu Kaisen Reveals Higuruma's Domain Expansion

Jujutsu Kaisen unleashed Hiromi Higuruma's own Domain Expansion with the newest chapter of the series! The Culling Game has kicked into a new gear with the latest chapters of the series as both Yuji and Megumi have found themselves not only separated after shortly entering the No 1. Colony, but coming up against some strange opponents already. Luckily (and perhaps unluckily), Yuji now finds himself face to face against one of the fighters they were aiming for as they hoped to use his already earned 100 points to make a rule that would save Megumi's sister Tsumiki. 

The previous chapter of the series revealed that it was only Yuji that was on a path to meeting Hiromi Higuruma, one of the targeted fighters who has already earned 100 points since the Culling Game began. With Yuji and Higuruma's first meeting in the previous chapter quickly going South as Higuruma refused to relent any of his points, the newest chapter of the series kicked off a fight between the two as Higuruma starts things off with the quick release of his own Domain Expansion known as "Deadly Sentencing." 

(Photo: Shueisha)

As Chapter 164 of the series begins, Yuji is preparing himself for whatever could be coming as Higuruma has killed enough sorcerers or targets to earn so many points. Fans begin to see how as Higuruma uses his Domain Expansion first and traps Yuji within a courtroom of sorts. Deadly Sentencing is a domain that forbids physical violence from the both of them and begins a trail about a crime Yuji had broken in the past. While it's not a single, can't miss attack, it provides just as much trouble. 

Yuji needs to get Higuruma's Judgeman to declare him innocent, but soon gets caught up in a past crime of when he snuck into a gambling parlor. He's then guilty of this smaller misdemeanor, and thus his punishment is "confiscation" which either seems to be taking away his cursed energy or his ability to control it within the domain. Thus Yuji's fight against Higuruma is already complicated considering that Yuji's not the most mentally adept at dealing with double speakers and tricksters like this lawyer. 

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