Jujutsu Kaisen Flashback Reveals Yuji's Early School Days

Jujutsu Kaisen revealed a closer look at Yuji Itadori's junior high school days with a flashback in the newest chapter! When we had met Yuji at the beginning of the series, there was quite a lot of mystery surrounding his past. He was not really involved with any clubs outside of a passing interest in the Occult Club that he was entered in by default, didn't have many friends, and had no family to speak of following his grandfather's death. But that's why seeing a new glimpse into his past is so eye-opening. 

Now that Yuji and the others have officially entered into colonies and kicked off their participation in the Culling Game, there have been many intense fights already. But one interesting seed had been planted about Yuji's past as another competitor had recognized him from middle school. The newest chapter of the series digs into this even further and reveals our best look at Yuji's past yet and shows us just how grim and lifeless of a person he really used to be. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 163 of the series opens with a flashback from Ren Amai's perspective as it reveals that he's always felt bad about working with the bullies instead of getting involved. This flashback then reveals how he spotted Yuji in the previous chapter as the bullies Ren was hanging around soon are met with Yuji. When Yuji arrives, he stays intensely silent and instantly takes out the bullies with the same kind of easy strength that he's displayed in the rest of the series. But the flashback comes to an end with Ren stares Yuji straight in the face and is frightened. 

This look into Yuji's past shows just how much he's changed since coming to Jujutsu Tech. While he was the kind of person that could take down bullies and help the weak before, the intense look at his face reveals that kind of inner hidden darkness that would further help flesh out the kind of fighter he is in the present day. But it also further demonstrates how little we know about his actual personality. 


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