Kaiju No. 8 Anime Drops New Character Poster

The Jump Comics family has some of the biggest series in the market, and of course, their anime adaptations tend to be top notch. Soon, fans will see if that truth keeps up as Kaiju No. 8 is getting its own anime. The team at Production I.G. are working on the sci-fi adventure, and the team just dropped a new character poster well ahead of Kaiju No. 8 debuting.

As you can see below, the character design was released by the folks at Production I.G. ahead of Anime Japan. While the Kaiju No. 8 anime is not slated to drop until 2024, fans are hoping to get some first looks at the project soon. After all, Naoya Matsumoto's manga is on a roll with readers, and it has sold more than 11 million print copies to date.

When it comes to this new piece of character art, Kaiju No. 8 decided to show out its protagonist as you can tell. It is hard to mistake Kafka Hibino's transformation give how often the manga brings it to life. With an armored body and scaly mask, Kaiju No. 8 looks ominous here, and that is the exact sort of vibe fans wanted to see.

After all, Matsumoto's manga makes it clear Kafka is incredibly powerful thanks to his kaiju symbiotic. If you have checked out the manga, you will know Kaiju No. 8 follows Kafka and their childhood friend Mina Ashiro who vow to join the nation's Defense Force when their home is wrecked by monsters. Our hero ends up failing his exam to join the academy, but things take a turn when a small kaiju makes its home within Kafka and grants the man the ability to become a monster.

If you want to know more about Kaiju No. 8, the manga is currently being published, and Viz Media oversees its release in English stateside. The Kaiju No. 8 manga is slated to debut sometime next year. So if you want to catch up on the hit manga, you can read up on its synopsis below for a heads up on all the action:

"With the highest kaiju-emergence rates in the world, Japan is no stranger to attack by deadly monsters. Enter the Japan Defense Force, a military organization tasked with the neutralization of kaiju. Kafka Hibino, a kaiju-corpse cleanup man, has always dreamed of joining the force. But when he gets another shot at achieving his childhood dream, he undergoes an unexpected transformation. How can he fight kaiju now that he's become one himself?!

What do you make of this latest look at Kaiju No. 8? Are you excited for the series to hit the small screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.