Pokemon Star Performs Anime Theme on Special 'First Take' Episode

Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master only has one episode left and with the season's conclusion, Ash and Pikachu are preparing to leave the anime adaptation as its stars. With Ash's departure, and not currently confirmed to return to the series any time soon, it might leave the voice actor responsible for bringing Ketchum to life with some free time. Rica Matsumoto has been voicing Ash in Japan for over twenty years at this point and has shared her take on the Pokemon theme song in a special video.

The latest season of the Pokemon anime has seen Ash reuniting with both human and pocket monster friends from his past following his major victory at the Masters 8 Tournament, making him the new world champion. While Ash might still remain a ten-year-old trainer, Ketchum has come a long way in his endeavors but is still searching for the truth behind what makes someone a Pokemon master. While the creators behind the series have hinted that its entirely possible for Ash to return in the future of the anime, perhaps we could also see Ketchum make a splash in the video games' future as well with the franchise releasing such hits as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Scarlet, and Pokemon Violet to name a few. 

Gotta Be The Very Best

Matsumoto has certainly earned her place in the anime world thanks to her role as Ash Ketchum but Pokemon isn't the only series that she's lent her talents. In the past, she voiced Gon Freecs in the initial pilot episode of Hunter x Hunter in the 90s, while also voicing several characters in Yu-Gi-Oh. While she will most likely always be welcome in the anime world, if this video is any indication, she has a firm grasp on the musical world as well.

The trainers that will be taking Ash's spot as the leads of the anime series are named Liko and Roy, who have shared new details recently but still have plenty of questions swirling around them. With Team Rocket recently splitting up in what might be their final appearance, the pair of trainers might have their hands full with new characters known as the Explorers. With Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master ending this month, the beginning of the next season in April is sure to shed some light on many fan questions surrounding the new trainers.