Kevin Smith Reveals His One Negative About Working on New Masters of the Universe Series

Kevin Smith is currently serving as showrunner for Netflix's new Masters of the Universe series, [...]

Kevin Smith is currently serving as showrunner for Netflix's new Masters of the Universe series, and unfortunately he's had one negative thought running throughout his mind during the production process. After first announcing a brand new anime series set after the events of Filmation's original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series last year, progress on the new Netflix series has been largely kept under wraps. While we have yet to see anything concrete, Smith himself has been fairly open about how the new series has been coming together even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with's Adam Barnhardt on the subject, Smith revealed that his one real negative about working on the series now is that he can't quite share it with anyone else yet. Unfortunately, his excitement can't be fully expressed until fans are able to see Masters of the Universe: Revelation for themselves.

As Smith opened up about it to, he explained "My only negative thought about He-Man: Masters of the Universe, the Revelation series that we're working on for Netflix, is that I have to wait months and months before everyone else gets to see the same thing I'm seeing right now. All I want to do is go online and be like what about this scene? But there's nobody to do that with at that point except all the people that work on the show."

But while he can't talk about it with the public, thankfully Smith revealed he does have those in the creative team he can confide in about how the series is progressing thus far. Mentioning about how he has been watching animatics and the like for the moment as production continues during these harsher restrictions for public health and safety, Smith also revealed who he confides in during these particularly hype moments he can't quite fully open up about yet, "I watch the animatics and I text Rob David who's our boss at Mattel. Rob wrote the Masters comics for DC for the last few years. So he's not just like our suit, he's a creative as well."

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