Kyoto Animation: Shoko Ikeda's Family Remembers the Artist in New Video

Three years ago, the anime industry was left stunned after an arsonist targeted Kyoto Animation. The beloved studio lost more than 30 employees to the attack while dozens more were left injured. Over the last few years, memorials for the arson victims have grown as their loved ones pay tribute to what they lost. The family of Shoko Ikeda is no different, and her husband opened up about the loss in a new interview with NHK.

As you can see here, the Japanese network managed to interview Terawaki Yuzuru for a special memorial honoring Kyoto Animation's victims amid the arson's third anniversary. It was there the man gave the world a look into the life he shares with his fifth-grader following Ikeda's death. The touching clip shows how the animation director's passing left an unimaginable hole in the family, but the father-son duo is doing all they can to heal while remembering all the good Ikeda did.

For those unaware of the artist, Ikeda was revered at Kyoto Animation for their gorgeous artwork and attention to detail. Their most popular works include Sound Euphonium, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Inuyasha, and Violet Evergarden. Sadly, Ikeda passed away at just 44 years old during the Kyoto Animation arson along with 35 others.

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As for the studio, Kyoto Animation recently marked the arson's third anniversary with a sobering memorial on YouTube. The company is back to work at a new location, and the remains of Studio 1 have long been demolished following the fire. The attack's suspect was formally indicted on charges in December 2020 after a lengthy hospital stay for wounds given by the fire. At this time, Kyoto Animation does plan to create a public memorial honoring those lost in the attack, but no opening has been announced at this time.