The Walking Gundam Statue Is Now Complete With New Video

Mobile Suit Gundam might have had a number of its projects pushed back as a result of the [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam might have had a number of its projects pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Walking Statue that is being constructed on a harbor in Japan has completed the construction of the life like recreation of the legendary anime mech suit. With the statue itself having the ability to move under its own weight, the Walking Gundam Statue models itself after the first Gundam suit that helped propel the anime franchise into becoming easily the most popular mech franchise within the medium of anime that has continued to create new anime series to this day!

Gundam Factory Yokohama has been working on the Walking Gundam for a number of years, hoping to create a unique real life interpretation of the anime mech franchise. Mobile Suit Gundam already has a number of statues that are erected in Japan, though this will be the first one to be able to walk along the ground beneath it.

While there certainly is still work to be done on the Gundam statue, the body has officially been completed and the walking recreation is still set to take its first steps this fall. With aspects of the franchise such as the upcoming film Hathaway's Flash and the G Satellite's part in Olympics being delayed, it's great to see that the statue is still looking to hit its reveal date.

The official breakdown of the Gundam Global Challenge, which has been created as an effort to make the Walking Gundam a reality, has their official mantra listed on their website:

"Challenge to move the 18m full-scale Gundam, the ultimate dream!

We have formed a project team for the realization of a grand dream, and have solicited a wide range of ideas and plans from all over the world, and have promoted global projects centered on Japan. Collected into one plan while incorporating various opinions, wisdom and technology through open innovation. From basic design to implementation design and verification experiments, finally to production...

In 2020, dreams will become reality. The world-class manufacturing technology and the strong and passionate thoughts of people across fields and generations are what make Gundam work. Gundam realizes the best entertainment ever in history."

Are you excited to see the Walking Gundam take its first steps later this year? What other Gundam mech suits would you like to see given the ability to walk under their own power? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the anime mechs!