The Real Life Walking Gundam Of Japan Gets Its Own Gunpla

The "Walking Gundam" of Japan is set to take its first steps later this year, thanks to the "Gundam Factory Yokohama", and fans will have the opportunity to own a miniature version of this re-interpretation of the classic mech suit, though the Gundam plastic model version unfortunately won't be able to walk in the same way without the owner getting involved. With the Gunpla set to be released by Bandai Spirits and arrive in September of this year, this will surely be a hot ticket item for fans that are already scooping up as many Gundam Plastic Models as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pre-orders for the "Moving Full Scale Gundam" will start taking reservations beginning on August 6th, with the plastic model retailing for around $25 USD to celebrate the upcoming giant recreation of one of the most legendary mechs to appear in the medium of anime. Testing has already begun with regards to the life sized Gundam that is being created in Japan, with a tentative release date of October 1st for the sixty foot mech suit that will join the many other statues that are already erected in the Eastern country. Weighing in at around 25 tons, the Gundam itself won't be walking around all the time independently, but it will have the capability of movement which is definitely a new aspect for the mech suit statues.

The website shared a first look at some of the photos of the upcoming Gundam plastic model that will come with a platform that is reminiscent of the life like statue that will take its first official steps later this fall in the same country that birthed the legendary anime franchise:

(Photo: Gundam.Info)
(Photo: Gundam.Info)

Gundam was hit hard in a number of ways in 2020 with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, with the upcoming anime film of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash being delayed to an unknown release date and the original plans of participating in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics being pushed back along with the event itself, the walking statue still holds the same date of taking its first steps. We can't wait to see this life like recreation of the mobile suit spring to life and this plastic model certainly celebrates the occasion with style!

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Via Gundam.Info

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