Massive Gundam Robot Completed Following a Special Shinto Blessing

Gundam lovers have long known that visiting Japan is a rite of passage, and the belief endures today. Despite the ongoing pandemic putting a halt on travel overseas, fans have kept a close eye on the huge Gundam suit begin built in Japan right now. As it turns out, the robot was completed as of late, and its final touch was thoroughly blessed by priests before being attached.

Recently, a news program managed to film the final piece of Japan's new Gundam suit being assembled. It all came down to the helmet being added on as the team overseeing the suit finished the rest of its body beforehand. A group of executives arrived at the special Gundam site with hard hats on, but two others were brought to the suit's helmet in different garb.

As you can see in the video down below, two Shinto priests were asked to bless the Gundam suit headpiece before it went on. The head was brought to the ground for a photo, and the Shinto priests blessed the gear afterward. Two elderly priests can be seen before the helmet in light blue robes, and the one closest to the helmet is shown anointing it.

Shinto Priests Bless Life-Size Gundam Head (gif) from r/anime

So as you can guess, this helmet is even more powerful now. Not even Char would try to mess with this Gundam suit, and if he did, then the Zeon baddie would come to regret it!


With this suit's helmet secured at long last, the Gundam bot has been finished. There is plenty of other work to do at the Gundam site before all is finished, but the assembly of this Gundam suit will forever be known as a blessed one.

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