Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Announces Fall Premiere

Godzilla's live-action TV series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has confirmed its Fall 2023 release window.

Here we go again, Godzilla fans! It has been some time since we've heard from Godzilla, but the titan is gearing up for a comeback. While Japan preps its own kaiju run this winter, Apple TV+ has its own project on hand. After all, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is on the horizon, and we've just learned when the show will hit the small screen.

According to the latest issue of TV Guide, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will go live this November. The series, which will stream exclusively on Apple TV+, marks a first for the MonsterVerse. After all, no television show has joined the series before now, but Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will change that all.

If you are not familiar with the upcoming series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will tell a human drama. Set after the events of Godzilla (2014), this TV series is set in San Francisco as the city reels from the monster's titan feud. According to TV guide, we will focus on the story of Cate who survives the San Francisco showdown and travels to Japan to find her missing father. It is there she learns of a shocking betrayal, and Cate must team up with her half-brother and an American hacker to discover her family's ties with the mysterious organization known as Monarch.

Of course, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters hopes to bring out its share of titans. The live-action series will focus on a number of humans, but episode director Matt Shakman promises there will be plenty of monsters on deck. While he cannot list who all is coming, Shakman says titans both new and old will appear in this live-action TV series. So if you are interested, you best brush up on the MonsterVerse ASAP.

If you are not familiar with Godzilla's latest Hollywood run, the MonsterVerse dates back to 2014 with Godzilla. Its run has released several blockbusters involving King Kong, Mothra, Ghidorah, and more. Right now, all of the MonsterVerse entries are streaming on Max, so you can watch the flicks at any time before Monarch: Legacy of Monsters goes live this fall.

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