New MonsterVerse Report Teases the Franchise's Next Film

If you haven't been paying attention to film these days, you should know the MonsterVerse is [...]

If you haven't been paying attention to film these days, you should know the MonsterVerse is dominating. It wasn't long ago the franchise reared its head once more with its latest kaiju flick. Godzilla vs Kong went live at the end of March after a long wait, and according to a new report, the franchise has an idea of what it wants to do next.

The whole thing came to light when The Hollywood Reporter shared a big story with netizens. The trade not only revealed director Adam Wingard is being courted to do yet another MonsterVerse movie but that an idea has already bloomed. So if you want to see more of King Kong, you may just be in luck.

(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

"Wingard (CAA, Grandview, Morris Yorn) is said to have been very involved in creating Godzilla vs. Kong set-pieces as well as the world-building for the movie's Hollow Earth plotline, and he and Legendary have been cooking up plenty of ideas already. In fact, one possible title being floated internally? Son of Kong," The Hollywood Reporter writes.

Clearly, Wingard is very invested in the kaiju franchise, and he wants to see how Kong would do with a solo outing. It has been quite some time since the MonsterVerse let Kong out on his own, and the Son of Kong would certainly expand the ape's story.

After all, the original take on The Son of Kong went live in 1933. The pre-code movie was handled by RKO Pictures and debuted just months after King Kong hit up audiences. The Son of Kong follows Carl Denham as he goes on a treasure hunt following the aftermath of Kong's attack on New York City. The sequel introduces Kong's young son who ends up sacrificing his life to save those of his new human friends. It seems like Wingard has his own idea to bring Kong's son to life, and Warner Bros. might be able to bring it to life before too long. So if you were worried about the MonsterVerse ending, think again! There are enough kaiju stories out there to keep this franchise churning, so fans better stay posted as we await official word on the MonsterVerse's future.

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