Godzilla vs. Kong Director Adam Wingard in Talks for Next MonsterVerse Film

Godzilla vs. Kong has landed as a big success in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and it [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong has landed as a big success in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and it seems as if director Adam Wingard might be returning to the MonsterVerse. With the crossover kaiju film bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and surpassing its three predecessors, fans were wondering if this titanic showdown would be the final entry in Legendary Pictures' new universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director of the giant monster showdown is in early talks to come back to the universe with a new movie.

As they note in their report, Legendary is reportedly "quietly taking steps" to stretch the MonsterVerse with "one or more" future installments, but there is no timetable for when this could actually happen considering Wingard will be busy with future projects such as a new Face/Off sequel and a new rebooted take on the Thundercats franchise.

Godzilla vs Kong RealD 3D Release Poster
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Godzilla vs. Kong seemed like it was going to bring this MonsterVerse to its climax, but it also seemed to spark a whole new interest in this universe with fans. The MonsterVerse films have had a rough go at it with fan reception through the first three releases, but after Godzilla vs. Kong, there was a huge uproar from fans who had desired to see this universe continue with new projects. This fan campaign to "Continue the MonsterVerse," even got support from those involved such as Kong: Skull Island director Jordan-Vogt Roberts.

With its massive run through the box office despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, its reported boost to the HBO Max streaming service, and the palpable fan desire for more, it would make a lot of sense for Legendary to consider continuing with new projects. The shape of these projects is unclear, and it's unclear as to whether these talks with Wingard will work out, but the Godzilla vs. Kong director has gone on record with the desire to return to this kaiju filled universe for more stories.

Godzilla vs. Kong left lots of potential to explore with new adventures in the MonsterVerse, but what do you think? If Adam Wingard returns to this universe, what kind of story would you want to see the director tackle next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!