Fans Vote on Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2019

Japanese fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season of anime, and a recent poll has shed some light on just which series anime fans are most looking forward to.

As previously mentioned, there are some caveats here: this is from a Japanese poll conducted by KADOKAWA group's GZ Brain. According to Crunchyroll, the data was gathered on December 3rd and 4th from 19,062 men and women, ages between 5 to 69, who lived in 47 prefectures in Japana via GZ Brain's research service, eb-i Xpress. Given all that, it's hard to say whether the following is indicative of worldwide anime fans, but it's certainly a decent sample size of Japanese fans.

The top five most anticipated anime of Winter 2019, according to GZ Brain's research, are as follows:

5. Kemono Friends 2

4. Kakegurui xx 2nd chapter

3. Dororo

2. The Promised Neverland

1. Forest of Piano


Interestingly, all but two of those are continuations from previous anime series. Dororo and The Promised Neverland are the two new additions. Broken down by gender, those that responded as "Male" ranked Kakegurui as #1 while those that responded as "Female" ranked Forest of Piano's upcoming second season as #1.

What do you think? The research includes a full top 20, which you can check out at Crunchyroll. Are you excited for Winter 2019's anime offerings? Let us know in the comments!