My Hero Academia Fan Fights COVID With All Might Mask

In uncertain times, we could certainly use a 'Symbol of Peace' ourselves like All Might is within [...]

In uncertain times, we could certainly use a "Symbol of Peace" ourselves like All Might is within the world of My Hero Academia, and one fan has taken matters into their own hands by wearing a mask modeled after the large grin of Toshinori Yagi to help in the combatting of the coronavirus pandemic. Though All Might has certainly seen better days than the recent events of the Hirohiko Araki franchise with his powers being nearly eliminated following his fight against the nefarious All For One, he continues his quest to fight crime through his students at UA Academy.

My Hero Academia has focused its story on the next generation of heroes and villains, primarily in the inheritors to the insanely powerful Quirks of All For One and One For All in Shigaraki and Midoriya, taking these two teens through entirely different paths. With the insane battle between All Might and All For One taking both hero and villain off the board, both Shigaraki and Midoriya have been stepping up to the plate and training for the eventual day that has seemingly arrived in the series' manga. While All Might's death has been long hinted at in the series, the Paranormal Liberation War currently taking place might just be the story line that does the deed as Shigaraki has reached a new level of power.

This Reddit User shared a special occasion for his "Cake Day", sporting an All Might mask that shows off the Symbol of Peace's noteworthy smile that has become a big part of his career in crime fighting for years within the franchise of My Hero Academia:

Got a special mask on my cake day! Plus Ultra! from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

The Quirk of One For All has been explored throughout the first four season of My Hero Academia, but the finale for the latest season is hinting that the powerful ability is going to be explored even further as Midoriya has seemingly come into contact with the past users of the power in the latest episode. Fans of the manga know that Midoriya's journey in learning about the power he inherited from All Might is far from over and anime fans are in for quite the shock.

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