My Hero Academia Fans Deserve to See All Might's Original Fight with All For One

In the franchise of My Hero Academia, one of the biggest fights in the series was easily the showdown between All Might and All For One, but the latest brawl between the strongest hero and villain of the anime series seemingly pales in comparison to their original fight which fans are demanding to see. As fans of the series know, there is a lot of history that took place in the world of UA Academy that we haven't seen to date, specifically a world where villains were the ones in charge and it was only until these two titans fought that the world changed forever.

The fight that we witnessed between All Might and All For One was a battle that seemingly didn't have the two powerhouses at 100 percent of their power, with All Might especially suffering from the injuries that had been inflicted upon him throughout his career of crime fighting. Though the fight itself was still one of the biggest of the series to date, it might seemingly pale in comparison to the battle that ushered in a new world in which heroes were the ones in charge and villains were scampering to attempt to create a world that allowed them to do whatever they pleased.

Twitter User Wreck It Reezy shared a plea for the creative minds behind the franchise of My Hero Academia to show fans the titanic fight between All Might and All For One at the height of their powers, changing the world forever to favor heroes over villains:

Currently, in the manga that follows the heroes fighting in the Paranormal Liberation War, the Quirk of All For One has found a new wielder, and with that, comes a brand new set of problems for the professional heroes of the world of the students within Class 1-A. It's been our guess that as a result of this devastating story arc, which has already claimed a number of casualties in its wake, that the world of My Hero Academia will change, giving way to a world that is perhaps far more favorable to villains than anything we've seen before.

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