My Hero Academia Assistant Pens New Hawks Sketch

My Hero Academia's fifth season has given plenty of screen time to Hawks, the young number two [...]

My Hero Academia's fifth season has given plenty of screen time to Hawks, the young number two hero who has the ability to not only fly but also manipulate his countless number of feathers for offensive and defensive purposes, and the assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi has shared new art that features the winged wonder with a brand new look. Currently, Hawks is attempting to navigate an undercover mission that has him learning more about both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army while conveying information to the Public Safety Commission in hopes of saving Hero Society.

Hawks made his first appearance in the animated series during the fourth season, appearing as a part of the Hero Billboard Chart when he achieved the number two spot, and despite his young age, the top crime fighter has more than earned his place. During the Endeavor Agency Arc, Hawks revealed some of the terrifying information he learned during his undercover excursion, including the fact that the villains have garnered over one hundred thousand members to their cause and plan on unleashing an attack against the heroes in four months time. Needless to say, both the professional heroes and the students at UA Academy will have some rough seas ahead to navigate through.

My Hero Academia assistant, Yoshinori, shared a brand new sketch of not only the number two hero wielding a skateboard but placed him next to everyone's favorite Rabbit Hero, Mirko, who will also have a significant role to play in Season Six of the anime adaptation when the hard-hitting "War Arc" begins:

Hawks doesn't just have an interesting powerset thanks to his Quirk, his background is one of the most interesting when it comes to the adult heroes of the world of UA Academy, having been essentially adopted by the Public Safety Commission and molded into becoming one of the greatest heroes that the world has ever seen. While we don't know if Hawks will ever become the number one hero, he would have certainly earned the top spot.

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