'My Hero Academia' Fans Are Loving This Adorable Background Hero

The My Hero Academia fandom has taken a serious liking to one hero pictured in the background of the latest episode.

The series has a habit of hiding some of its best -- or at least, weirdest -- characters in the backgrounds of busy scenes. The provisional lisencing exam has been no exception, as U.A.'s Class 1-A battles it out with all new enemies from other schools. On Saturday, one fan on Twitter pointed out an adorable hero hopeful right in the background of a massive group shot.

"The best #MyHeroAcademia heroes are always in the background," the tweet read. In three consecutive screen shots, it zoomed in on a small, bear-like character leaping into action behind a crowd of far more imposing classmates. Upon closer inspection, the bear seemed to be wearing simply a hoodie and a backpack, though there could be more details to see in a bigger rendering.

"The series' true protagonist," joked one fan.

Another simply replied with a picture of Banjo Kazooie, suggesting the cross-over event of a lifetime.

Many fans chimed in comparing the figure to Grizz from We Bare Bears on Cartoon Network, while others added captions to the zoomed in screen shot.

"When your squad leaves u but ur just happy [being] there," one person joked.

This is not the first time a background shot from the show has gone viral. Last week, someone pointed out that the opening credits did something of a disservice to Shoji, Koda and Bakugo.

"Don't pause an anime opening," it warned.

Another post blew up earlier this month, showing how Aoyama had stolen several scenes in the past three seasons by staring directly into the camera.

My Hero Academia dropped a fantastic new episode on Saturday, putting several new characters' quirks on full display. In particular, Shiketsu Inasa used his ability to control wind to take out 120 examinees in one fell swoop.


Aizawa warned Class A that Inasa was powerful, saying that he was admitted to U.A. on a recommendation with top grades. So far, the hot-blooded hero has been mainly comic relief -- bowing to his foes so hard that his forehead hit the ground and began bleeding. Still, there's little doubt that by the end of the exam he will pose something of a threat to Class A's success.

My Hero Academia simulcasts on Crunchyroll and Hulu in the U.S. New episodes drop every Saturday morning at 4 a.m. ET.