My Hero Academia Sets Up Spinner's War Arc

My Hero Academia may be working through its final act but the manga still has a lot to do before it can wrap. Its first big battle has closed with Shoto coming out the victor, so all eyes are on the war to see who will head to the frontlines next. Right now, it seems like Spinner is eager to take the spotlight with his own fight, and the manga has even set up his final opponent with help from Class 1-A.

The whole came clean in chapter 353 this week if you keep up with My Hero Academia. It was there fans watched as the war front learned about Dabi's defeat. As you can imagine, our villains were not thrilled by the news, but Spinner took the loss especially hard. After all, he felt Dabi was invulnerable, and his rage over the outcome has put him directly in front of Shoji.

As fans predicted, it seems like Shoji will be the hero student to take on Spinner as the war moves along. Many suspected Tentacole would be pitted against the lizard villain all thanks to their heteromorphic quirks. Spinner has become a symbol to people who've been discriminated against for their mutant quirks, after all. Shoji has dealt with similar issues in the past given his duplicate arms, but he used those interactions to fuel his heroic dreams. So of course, their pasts put them on a crash course on the frontlines.

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Shoji has something to prove to Spinner and all other mutant-quirk holders right now. He has to show them how to turn prejudice into power, but that is not all. Spinner and his gang are determined to break out Kurogiri from prison. The warp villain has a devastating quirk, and it would do our heroes dirty should he fall in line with All For One once more. So as Spinner's ambush pushes forward, the pressure is on Shoji to hold back the line. 

Did you expect Spinner to take on Shoji at some point in this war? How do you think the villain's final arc will go down? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.