My Hero Academia: Is Lady Nagant Really a Villain?

My Hero Academia has a ton of villains under its command, and many of them are straight with their [...]

My Hero Academia has a ton of villains under its command, and many of them are straight with their love of chaos. From Shigaraki to All For One and even Toga, their need to unleash hell cannot be ignored. Lady Nagant is said to be the same, but fans aren't quite sure they believe it. After all, the question stands whether she is actually a villain, and it isn't a terrible one to ask.

The whole conversation stems from My Hero Academia's most recent chapter. The manga gave fans a look at Lady Nagant in her early years on the force. The sharp-shooter was praised for her skill, and she seemed genuinely happy to be doing work as a pro hero. However, according to Hawks, that all changed some time down the line. Lady Nagant was accused of killing an ally in cold blood, and she was sent to Tartarus to rot in prison.

lady nagant
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When you look at Lady Nagant now, she seems entirely different from the woman she was years ago. Her cold and jaded personality is focused on one thing and that is herself. She only agrees to help out All For One when it benefits her, and the villain does note how desperate Lady Nagant is to show society how far its heroes have fallen.

Clearly, Lady Nagant has a grudge, but My Hero Academia fans aren't sure whether they believe the story shelled out by the Hero Public Safety Commission. The group has a horrible reputation with fans as it drops the ball time and again. From its treatment of Hawks to its failure with Re-Destro, the commission has more failings than graces. Its untrustworthy calls have led some to believe the organization threw Lady Nagant under the bus after the hero learned of its unsavory missions. If that is the case, it's still fair to call Lady Nagant a villain, but she surely did not become one willingly.

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