My Hero Academia: Bakugo Needs to Partner with Mirko On the Regular

Bakugo Katsuki might have been a loose canon when My Hero Academia got started, but if you have followed the series, you'll know that is no longer the truth. When Kohei Horikoshi introduced the character, fans had plenty of reservations about Izuku's school bully, and his brash nature was to blame. In recent years, however, the manga has proven why Deku admired Bakugo despite their strained relationship. Bakugo has all the makings of a fine hero, and My Hero Academia needs to let him intern under Mirko if he's ever going to reach his full potential.  

Opposites might attract, but when it comes to self-reflection, the best thing someone can do is look to mentors who are similar to them. Bakugo paid his dues with Best Jeanist and found himself impressed by the top pro despite his persona-centric lessons. Endeavor went on to show Bakugo the kind of power and tenacity the number one hero must have during their internship. So when Bakugo moves into his second year at UA High School, it will fall to Mirko to assure Bakugo that even hot-blooded heroes can make it to the top.

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After all, the pair are pretty much picked from the same patch. Mirko and Bakugo share an outspoken brashness that overlays their determined spirit. The Rabbit Hero redefines fearless, and her drive to overpower enemies without any regrets is something Bakugo has embodied since he was a child. Sure, his immaturity toed him closer to bullying more often than not, but Bakugo has slowly moved away from his superiority complex. Now, he is focused on backing up his big words with raw power, and Mirko is just the pro to teach him where that balance sits.

My Hero Academia is already showing just how the pair can fit together as a team. The manga has finally paired the heroes up in its final act as Shigaraki has been warped to their location. Mirko's dive into action commands respect, and no one is more impressed than Bakugo on the sidelines. When this war is said and done, the Number 5 hero can show the student by example how bravery and brashness can work hand in hand.

So, please – we beg. If the My Hero Academia team is listening, let Mirko send Dynamight an internship offer when school gets back into session. 

What do you think about a Bakugo x Mirko partnership? Do you feel the heroes would suit one another in battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.