My Hero Academia Is About to Debut Bakugo's Best Partner Yet

If there is one thing My Hero Academia fans love, it is Bakugo Katsuki. The character is one of the most popular heroes in all of shonen manga, and he constantly tops popularity lists with readers. This means readers like to see him shine, and for a hero-in-training, that means Bakugo needs the right pros to mentor him. And at long last, Dynamight is ready to fight alongside the pro fans have been waiting on.

And no, we are not talking about Bakugo's work with Best Jeanist. The oddly matched duo works great and all. But when it comes to unlocking Bakugo's true potential, we're thinking Mirko might just do the trick.

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga, you will know Bakugo is high above Japan as UA High School has made its entire campus float to minimize Shigaraki's decay quirk. He is working with tons of heroes to keep the villain at bay, and Best Jeanist is holding the crew together. However, when it comes to offense, the heroes are being led by Mirko. And for fans, this is a win-win situation.

After all, netizens have wanted Mirko and Bakugo to work together ever since the Number Five hero was introduced. The Rabbit Hero may not have an explosive quirk like Bakugo, but she shares every bit of his feral rage. Best Jeanist and All Might have helped Bakugo uncover the righteous fuel behind his anger, but he has yet to weaponize it to its fullest potential. Mirko knows exactly how to use anger to fuel her power, and Bakugo could definitely learn some things from her in battle.

It doesn't take much to see how similar the heroes are. Bakugo and Mirko are opinionated, loudmouthed, and entirely self-reliant when it comes to battle. Their insane strength only backs up their boisterous attitude, so looking at Mirko is a lens into Bakugo's future. Despite being brash, Mirko is recognized as one of the top heroes in Japan, and she never ever gives up. If Bakugo wants to become the top hero, he will need to learn from Mirko how to harness his temper into something unstoppable. And at last, My Hero Academia has provided a space for Bakugo to learn from her example. 


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