My Hero Academia Star Chris Sabat Reveals Why All Might's Really the Most Heroic

Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is all about how its main character, Izuku Midoriya, will eventually become the world's number one hero. But first he must surpass the shadow left by All Might, who is the embodiment of many of the series' most heroic ideals and moments. No one knows this better than the star behind his voice in the English dub of the series, Chris Sabat, and recently he spoke with about All Might's heroic self.

Breaking it down, Sabat revealed why All Might really is the most heroic character in the series as his heart of gold has been further boosted by Sabat's personal life. Sabat channels much of his own spirit into these performances, and fans will agree that it comes out well.

Sabat broke down why All Might is one of his favorite roles, "[I]t's some of the best work I feel like I've ever done, partially because -- I'd say mostly because it's one of the most incredible roles." Channeling his own personal life into the role, "There's so much to it, and as a Dad with two kids, I really have thought about like, 'What am I passing on to the next generation?' 'What am I doing for people in the future?' 'How will I protect them?' Or, 'How will I pass on my skills?' So a lot of that, I think, comes out in some of those scenes in My Hero Academia."

Revealing what he likes about All Might as a role, "It gives me so many acting challenges. It's really fun to play this rally big, boisterous guy, and yet this really kind of skinny, kind of weak individual, who's weak, but not uninspired." Even comparing the character to his work on Dragon Ball and One Piece, "That's the hardest part about playing him, is that when I'm playing weakened All Might, he can't sound like he doesn't want to be part of the crew, like Zoro, or sometimes Vegeta, or these other characters who are kind of like the guy who doesn't want to be there," Sabat explained.

But what makes All Might different from the others is his heroic spirit, "...he has a heart of gold, All Might wants to be there. He wants to be with them. He's a really loving, kind of inspirational dude." Given how much Sabat has worked to reflect All Might's heroic nature in the series, it's no wonder why All Might is one of the most popular characters with My Hero Academia fans overall.


They'll be getting their chance to see All Might again when My Hero Academia returns with its fourth season on October 12th in Japan, but there's currently no confirmed date for the English dub release of the series as of this writing.