My Hero Academia Cosplay Spotlights Mirko

Mirko might not be one of the major characters of Class 1-A in UA Academy in the Shonen franchise [...]

Mirko might not be one of the major characters of Class 1-A in UA Academy in the Shonen franchise of My Hero Academia, but her exploits, personality, and skill set have pushed her to be a fan-favorite among those following the anime series, with one fan giving us some pitch-perfect cosplay of the rabbit hero. Though Mirko was only introduced in the fourth season of the anime during the Hero Ranking Ceremony, taking one of the top spots in the hero society, her brief appearance there, and her presence in the manga, has had her own her place.

During the War Arc that just wrapped in the manga, Mirko found herself aiding both professional crime fighters and the students of UA Academy alike as Shigaraki amassed a force of thousands of super villains to change how society operated. The rabbit hero found herself hot on the heels of the nefarious Dr. Garaki, the brains behind the Paranormal Liberation Front, who unleashed a number of High-End Nomu in defense of their collective master, Shigaraki. Mirko gave her all fighting the villains, even losing an arm in the process but didn't let the loss of an appendage stop her from doing what needed to be done.

Instagram Cosplayer Chibi Thot shared this impressive cosplay that brings one of the most popular top heroes of My Hero Academia to life, perfectly capturing both the costume, aesthetic, and personality of the rabbit hero whose status is up in the air following the War Arc:

Though Mirko is currently recovering from her battles during the War Arc, the spin-off series of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is taking an opportunity to show us the past of the rabbit hero and how she was jumping into the steel cage to do battle long before she became a professional crime fighter. With the fifth season of the anime set to land later this month, expect Mirko to make more appearances in the future of the franchise.

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