My Hero Academia Artist Celebrates Mirko with Class 1-A Sketches

My Hero Academia has a lot of different heroes vying for your attention, whether they be a part of Class 1-A or one of the teachers at UA Academy, but a fan-favorite crime-fighter of the Shonen franchise happens to be neither as an assistant artist for the series celebrates the rabbit hero, Mirko. Though the recent War Arc put Mirko into some dire straits as she squared off against the High-End Nomu, the spin-off series is currently taking us on the journey of her younger days where she was participating in an underground fighting ring for kicks.

Mirko made her anime debut in the latter half of the fourth season of My Hero Academia's fourth season, following Deku's battle against Gentle Criminal with the Hero Rankings deeming her to be one of the best crime fighters in the world today. With Endeavor and Hawks being rated number one and two, they both found themselves combining their Quirks to take down a High-End Nomu, which the rabbit hero would eventually find herself battling against in the War Arc. Though this latest Arc more than likely won't be a part of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, fans shouldn't be surprised if they see Mirko make an appearance in this year's upcoming episodes.

My Hero Academia Assistant Artist, Yoshinori, recently had imagined Mirko as singer Megan Thee Stallion, with the sketches this time around showing off the rabbit hero joining forces with several different young heroes who are aspiring to be the top heroes themselves:

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes hasn't just taken the opportunity to dive into the vigilantes that are operating outside of the law, but is also examining the past for many of the adult heroes that have operated alongside Class 1-A. In the latest flashback, we see a young, reckless Mirko joining an underground fighting circuit, attempting to prove her skills while knocking heads around inside a steel cage, showing that even before she became a full-fledged superhero, she still was a fierce enemy to deal with for her opponents.

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