My Hero Academia Cosplay Shakes it Up With Nejire

My Hero Academia might be the story of Class 1-A, but that hasn't stopped Kohei Horikoshi from introducing plenty of heroes that operate outside of the class that made the likes of Deku, Bakugo, and their fellow heroes famous. With the Big Three being a prime example of some of the biggest heroes that are upper classmen within UA Academy, one cosplayer has once again revisited Nejire, the female hero that has the ability to produce shockwaves thanks to her unique Quirk.  

Like so many other heroes of UA Academy, expect Nejire to have a role in the upcoming sixth season of the anime adaptation which is slated to translate the events of the War Arc, the long-awaited battle that will pit the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front against both the heroes of UA Academy and the professional crime fighters that sprung from the brain of creator Kohei Horikoshi. While Nejiro won't be front and center in the battle for the fate of hero society, the Big Three will all have their own roles to play and expect some major surprises when it comes to the biggest heroes of the UA Academy when it comes to reputation.

Instagram Cosplayer Stallicorn shared this new take on the only female member of the Big Three, who has used her power to not only fight crime, but also act as a role model to the likes of Uravity and Froppy, who worked alongside Nejire during the Overhaul Arc which took place in the fourth season of My Hero Academia:

In the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, the series has entered into its final arc, which sees the last battle between the heroes and villains taking place. With creator Kohei Horikoshi stating that he has around one year left of stories to tell within the world of UA Academy, fans are left wondering which heroes, and villains for that matter, will survive to see the end of the Shonen series as the battle between All For One and One For All continues through generations old and new. 

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