My Hero Academia Cosplay Spotlights Nejire Of The Big Three

My Hero Academia's latest season of its anime focused on the Big Three of UA Academy fighting [...]

My Hero Academia's latest season of its anime focused on the Big Three of UA Academy fighting alongside the students of Class 1-A against the nefarious forces of Overhaul, and one fan has decided to honor the female member of this super-powered trio, Nejire! Though the Big Three were dealt a terrible blow during the Overhaul saga, as Mirio, aka Lemillion, lost his Quirk thanks to the power erasing bullets, which means that Nejire has that much more responsibility to handle in a world where the villains are getting stronger and the heroes are taking some heavy hits.

Nejire had definitely earned some downtime following the battle against the Yakuza and their leader Overhaul, participating in the Cultural Festival's Beauty Pageant, attempting to show off her stuff outside of the world of crime-fighting. Season Five of My Hero Academia is set to release later this spring and definitely expect Nejire to have a role, as the world is further explored following the huge adventures that took place in season four. In the manga, the Big Three have definitely gone through some changes that will mean big things for the future of the franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi!

Instagram Cosplayer Kisume Cosplay shared this impressive take on the only female hero in the ranks of the Big Three, whose aesthetic and power-set has quickly made her a fan favorite among those who have been following the adventures of the popular Shonen series via its anime and Weekly Shonen Jump:

Nejire's Quirk, much like the other students at UA Academy, is a powerful one, allowing her to create some devastating shockwaves that can take down opponents as well as allow her to blast into the sky when necessary. She has easily earned her place as one of the strongest heroes at the superhero school and she is sure to become a well-known crime fighter, should she survive the constant onslaught from villains in My Hero Academia that is!

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