My Hero Academia Creator Breaks Down Izuku's Genius Strategy Against Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia's anime might be on a break following the conclusion of the fifth season of the anime adaptation, but the manga from Kohei Horikoshi and Weekly Shonen Jump is continuing to march forward, with the mangaka responsible for UA Academy taking the opportunity to dive into one of Deku's biggest recent battles. With the War Arc having already come to a close in the manga, which will be the focus of the upcoming sixth season of the television series, Midoriya found himself battling a nefarious sniper known as Lady Nagant in one of the latest fights of his career.

Lady Nagant is an interesting character in the history of My Hero Academia, not just thanks to her Quirk which allows her to transform her arm into a sniper rifle, firing off any object she pleases while also being able to control its trajectory. The former hero, who sided with All For One after being manipulated to perform some bloody acts while under the employ of the Public Safety Commission, was tasked with taking down Izuku, leaving the inheritor of One For All to employ some wild battle tactics in prevailing. Needless to say, this fight will be one of the anime's biggest when it eventually arrives from Studio Bones.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared Kohei Horikoshi's description of the high-flying battle between Midoriya and Lady Nagant, while also sharing a number of sketches to lay out how the potential Symbol of Peace was able to take down the heroic sniper who had fallen from grace and aligned with the interests of the villain All For One:

Deku's power in One For All has been growing larger since the conclusion of the War Arc, opening up channels with the Vestiges of the Quirk that rattle around in his brain and give him advice on how to better harness the numerous powers that are now at his disposal. With Izuku taking on a much darker appearance to hold together Hero Society and bouncing around at light speed to bring down villains, My Hero Academia isn't pulling any punches in its Final Act.

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