My Hero Academia Creator Inks First Colored Sketch of a Fan-Favorite Character

One of the biggest new characters introduced in the current storyline of My Hero Academia hasn't received a name yet, but the creator of the Shonen franchise, Kohei Horikoshi, has revealed a new sketch of the "fox lady" that confirms what color she is. With her appearances in the manga being entirely in black and white, fans were wondering what color her fur was and what the woman who was saved by a decidedly different version of Deku following the War Arc looked like with a coat of ink placed onto her character, as she has yet to appear in the anime.

As mentioned earlier, the fox character has yet to be given an official name but has played a pivotal role in Midoriya's life as he bounces from emergency to emergency in the wake of the War Arc, which has broken down hero society. With Izuku managing to save the young woman's life, she returns to seek shelter at UA Academy and witnesses the young Deku being nearly rejected from his home away from home thanks in part to the civilians who believe allowing him inside while bringing harm upon them. With Ochacho helping to convince the crowd, the fox woman, alongside the young Kota, are able to console a sobbing Izuku following the impassioned speech by his fellow classmate in Class 1-A.

Reddit User McKnighty9 shared the brand new colored sketch of the unnamed fox woman from the latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga, who has yet to make her first appearance in the anime but might just do so in the next season of the television series as it is set to adapt the War Arc and the story that takes place following: 

Official colors for a certain new character from BokuNoHeroAcademia

Things definitely aren't looking good for the heroes in the "Final Act" of My Hero Academia's manga, even with Deku returning to the ranks of UA Academy. With Shigaraki set to make his return to hero society with full mastery of All For One, the heroes of UA Academy and the professional heroes of Japan are going to need all the help they can get in holding together what they've helped protect. 


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