My Hero Academia Shares How Dabi's Worst Injury Came About

My Hero Academia is keeping up with season six, and of course, all eyes are on the Todoroki family as such. The anime has put the clan center stage now that Dabi has revealed his ties to Endeavor. After years of hiding, Dabi has confirmed he's none other than Toya Todoroki, and the public is in shambles. They have just as many questions as fans, and now, we've been given a painful answer about an injury Dabi earned as a kid.

And what is it? Well, we have learned how Dabi lost the ability to cry. The anime confirmed the villain's tear ducts were scarred long ago, and it turns out the injury was incurred just before Toya died to give Dabi life.

As you can see above, the scene in question took place on Sekoto Peak the night Toya set it ablaze. The boy went to train on the mountain often to his dad's anger. After spatting with the hero, Toya went there one night to practice, and fans watched the young kid have a breakdown over his dad's abuse. However, his emotions became too intense, and Toya's tears turn into literal fire.

Crying fire is definitely not normal, and even the most fire-resistant hero could not do so without sustaining wounds. This instance is what burned out Toya's tear ducts, and well – a lot worse went on to happen. We know much of the kid's body was damaged in this fire, and those burns became the template for those we see on Dabi today.

Sadly, one of Toya's final moments was spent in agony, and his fire ended up turning on himself. Dabi was born in the ashes, and since that day, the villain has been unable to cry. He spent all of his tears on Endeavor as a child. And now, Dabi is too focused on causing his old man misery to mourn the loss of his tears.

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